Tablet users better be contortionists to keep healthy posture, says a joint Harvard and Microsoft study

Tablet users better be contortionists to keep healthy posture, says a joint Harvard and Microsoft study
A study for the National Institute of Health was done by Harvard's medical and public health schools, with input from a Microsoft researcher, that examines how healthy is our posture when we use a tablet, compared to the more traditional desktop or laptop computers.

Needless to say, after examining the stooped, wrinkled posture of 15 tablet users in four different usage scenarios, the researchers concluded that slates are the worst for your back, neck, and so on, compared to a desktop kit, and even to a laptop computer. The four usage scenarios were: a tablet in the users' hands, on the lap in a case, on a table in a case, and on a table in a case, but at a higher angle, suitable for watching movies. The researchers used LED motion sensors to detect the changes in posture. The results:

The final recommendation is actually not a very typical way of utilizing your slate - at eye level and in a case that will keep it propped up to avoid unusual neck position, so we'll see what diseases will emerge in the future that orthopedists are already planning to name after tablets.

We had a similar study done recently as well, but there you have it from another source. Not that we needed further proof how stooping over a 7- or 10-incher for hours at a time is detrimental to the well-being of your vertebrae, but it's nice to have it studied scientifically.

source: NIH via TheRegister



10. mf2hd

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9. pongkie

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Or to summarize the article the apple sales is giving Microsoft people neck problems by stooping their heads down in shame and agony

6. theoak

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I wonder if my medical insurance will cover treatment??? ;)

4. c.hack

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What's the difference between slouching while tableting vs reading a book/Kindle vs staring at a TV?

5. SlimSoulja86

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Good question!

8. EclipseGSX

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i understand your book argument but tvs are usually placed directly in front of us or up high even like at sports bars and such. Tablets and books are used looking down.

3. JonGarrett

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Ive never used my tablet for more than an hour at a time. on average, I use it for maybe 20-30 minutes and about 2-3 times a week.

2. downphoenix

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Now this research holds some weight. That report that Phone Arena posted a week or so ago about how typing on a tablet is worse than a keyboard, this on the other hand is logical, its not good to bend your neck or back for an extended period of time at all.

1. PimpStrong

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"iPads Disease" I would say "Tablets Disease" but the iPad is leading the way.

7. andro.

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ipad disease has been documented as "The ailment where a bodys mental reasoning and free will thinking ceases to exist and the human victim is reduced to buying apple products over and over again until death insues"

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