TV ad for LG G6 has the new flagship swimming with the fishies


Many of you know that when someone is said to be "swimming with the fishies," it means that the person has been murdered. More specifically, the murder usually resulted from an execution. LG has just released a new ad for the LG G6 that shows the phone swimming with the fishies, perhaps signifying the manufacturer's decision to kill off the modular build attempted with last year's LG G5. Once Motorola and Lenovo launched the Moto Z line, LG could easily see the error of its ways.

But we're pretty sure that there was no such symbolism in the commercial. Actually, the spot is showing off the new IP68 certification rating on the phone. This allows the device to be submerged to a depth of nearly 5-feet for as long as 30-minutes, and escape unscathed.

The ad also shows you that most grownups don't know (or care) about the features on their phone. Judging from the dialogue of the 20-second commercial, a child put the LG G6 in a fish tank to shoot a (wide angle) video. Uh oh! Here comes mom. Not knowing that her expensive new phone has an IP certification rating, she acts just like you'd expect her to. "What are you doing?" she yells as she pulls the phone out of the tank.

Unless the little girl can explain Ingress Protection ratings to her mom, sounds like someone is going to bed tonight without dessert. Check out the ad by clicking the video at the top of the story.

source: LG
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