T-Mobile's merger trial 'distraction' sparks joy in AT&T execs

T-Mobile's merger trial 'distraction' sparks joy in AT&T execs
According to T-Mobile's President and COO Mike Sievert, who is taking the CEO helm from John Legere next year, the second day of the accelerated Sprint merger trial went "very good" and he is optimistic about the outcome. 

The sheer fact that the judge started with what seems to be a fast track expedited procedure and intends to wrap the hearings up before the holidays with a verdict reached a few weeks into the new year, should be making T-Mobile optimistic about the outcome. 

Mr Sievert had only good things to say about the judge, about the plaintiffs that include the attorney generals of 13 states and Washington, D.C, as well as about the offloading of spectrum and virtual operators to Dish Network so that the competition in the field remains intact.

This whole court drama is apparently being watched with great pleasure over at AT&T, as its President and Chief Operating Officer, John Stankey, noted during the same UBS Global TMT investor conference that saw Mike Sievert's comments.

While AT&T is feeling festive about the legal challenges before the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, Stankey also commented on America's second-largest carrier future plans that involve nationwide 5G rollout in mid-2020, and the HBO Max bundle with its new upper tier unlimited plans. 

AT&T introduced new plans just recently, but the high-priced one was to become active at some later point in time, presumable around the time when HBO Max finally launches as a direct competitor to Netflix and Disney+. The Disney creation, in particular, doesn't seem to worry AT&T as it actually owns the content that HBO offers, in the words of John Stankey.


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