T-Mobile will power the Phrazer telehealth device

T-Mobile will power the Phrazer telehealth device
T-Mobile has announced that they will be powering the Phrazer telehealth device. And if you don't know what a telehealth device is, don't worry. Due to hit the market in mid-2011, Phrazer will greatly improve the communication between a doctor and patient that speak different languages.

The portable touchscreen interface communicates with the patient regarding their symptoms, in their language of choice, while it also downloads the patient's medical history. During this virtual interview, the handles will monitor the patient's vitals. After doing so, it translates the and collates the symptoms, vitals and history, so the doctor can give the most accurate care possible.

John Horn, national director of M2M at T-Mobile explains that "the quality of healthcare can improve for all individuals regardless of language or culture." Phrazer would be an essential tool for hospital admissions where the doctor might know the patient's language functionally, but not well enough to diagnose them.

With the flexibility of T-Mobile's wireless network, first responders and emergency medical services can also make use of Phrazer in the field, where accurate and timely communication might mean the difference between life and death.

source: Phrazer via T-Mobile


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1. bluechrism unregistered

wow - since the AT7T deal was announced we have found out now that: Audi was going to use T-Mobile for built in in-car navigation, BMW was doing something with the Dell Streak (A device that works on t-mobile) ZTE have a 42mbps 3G modem for T-Mobiles network and now this. Did these companies have any idea 1700mhz would have any chance of being obsolete as a 3G netowrk in 2-4 years time if the deal goes through. I'm going to guess they all worked closely with T-Mobile, but not the bits that would mention anything like this to them. It's a shame because this and the Audi one especially would be expected to have a long life for their users.

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