T-Mobile to get its brag on during the hoiliday season

T-Mobile to get its brag on during the hoiliday season
T-Mobile is going to say it loud and proud this coming holiday season. "4G'. "4G". You will hear it so much, it will probably drive you crazy. But those close to the company say that it will be a massive campaign. An interview meant for T-Mobile employees' eyes only discusses the strategy that the nation's fourth largest carrier will employ over the next few weeks.

Neville Ray, the carrier's senior vice president of engineering and operations, said in the interview that, "I can tell you for the first time ever, you'll see a network message in advertising starting in the Holiday window. I can't share what we'll say, but you can be assured that we're going to be loud and proud about our network."

The carrier finds itself in a good position for the last quarter of the year. With the HSPA+ enabled T-Mobile G2 holding down the top end along with the Samsung Vibrant for its Android customers, T-Mobile could find itself offering the first superstar of the Windows Phone 7 era, the HTC HD7.
The carrier has high hopes for some other upcoming devices, like the T-Mobile myTouch 4G which will be the second Froyo flavored phone to be HSPA+ enabled.

As we reported, T-Mobile has internally started calling its HSPA+ network a 4G network, although by most technological standards, it does not meet the requirements to be 4G. The carrier has been calling itself  "the Nation's largest 4G network" in documents meant to be circulated only within the company. That phrase could end up being the tag line in the carrier's holiday ads.

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source: TmoNews

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