T-Mobile subscribers will soon lose this legacy benefit

T-Mobile subscribers will soon lose this legacy benefit
T-Mobile customers subscribed to certain Unlimited plans will soon lose one legacy benefit. After merging with Sprint back in 2020, T-Mobile became the owner of a significant stake in music streaming service Tidal, which was offered to Sprint customers as a benefit.

Although Tidal’s founder Jay-Z bought back the 33 percent stake from T-Mobile one year after the merger, the carrier continued to offer Tidal to Sprint customers who switched to T-Mobile’s biller. Unfortunately, it looks like the Uncarrier is determined to put an end to the freebie come September, at least according to The T-Mobile Report.

A T-Mobile leaked document confirms that the Tidal benefit will end on September 1. Beginning August 1, T-Mobile will start sending customers currently receiving the Tidal benefit an SMS to inform them that they will lose the freebie starting September.

Not only that, but T-Mobile will stop offering Tidal to existing customers who request to move to the Unlimited Premium plan. Those who wish to keep their Tidal subscription after September 1 will receive a link to a support page that offers details on how to update Tidal billing directly with the streaming service.

Starting August 2, customers who are currently on one of the plans that are eligible for Tidal will receive an SMS notifying them about a new benefit that will replace Tidal. Sadly, the document doesn’t mention what exactly this new benefit will be, but we’ll certainly learn about it in just a few days.

Even without Tidal, former Sprint customers will still have a few worthy benefits they can continue to enjoy, including Hulu, Netflix and Lookout.

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Just to recap, if you currently have Tidal included for free among your plan’s perks, you will receive an SMS from T-Mobile on August 1 informing you that you’ll lose the benefit come September 1. The next day, T-Mobile should send you another SMS that will contain information about a new benefit that will replace Tidal and how to redeem it.

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