T-Mobile says to wait for the OTA update for the Samsung Vibrant as opposed to using Kies

T-Mobile says to wait for the OTA update for the Samsung Vibrant as opposed to using Kies
Seeing that there are still some Samsung Galaxy S owners awaiting to receive their GPS fix, it appears as though that T-Mobile is telling their customers to wait for the official OTA update for the Samsung Vibrant – as opposed to manually updating it. Specifically, there is an update available for the handset through the Samsung Kies program, but instead of getting it through there, T-Mobile tweeted to wait for the OTA update instead.

Although HTC was nice enough to help out those EVO 4G owners who jumped the gun on installing a leaked version of Android 2.2 on their handsets, not all manufacturers will show the same gesture of tolerance and support – which seems like the case with the Vibrant. As much as the update might look tempting right now, it's probably just better to bypass it and wait it out for the official one from T-Mobile.

Samsung Vibrant Specifications | Review

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1. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Great, has been waiting for quite a while now~!

2. ErikSax

Posts: 21; Member since: May 20, 2009

What GPS issue is being reported by some users? Mine woks great. However, all Vibrant users either desire, or were promised Media Hub functionality, regardless of whether Android OS 2.2 is ever made available! Android OS 2.1 is fine for me since I already have 16 GB of storage on board. However, I would love to replace my (now) deleted Avatar movie (as great as it was... I had no idea that I'd eventually delete it out of boredom with the same great movie and disdain for no Media Hub updates) with some new content (as advertised ad nauseum on prime time television (each commercial reinforces my disappointment with the lack of Media Hub functionality - like being stuck in traffic while roving salesmen approach your car attempting to sell something requiring a lengthy explanation, whose very ability to sell it reminds you that you're stuck in traffic). Exactly how long does an advertised high-tech item need to remain non-functional or non-existent before official classification as "vapor-ware"? Media Hub :((

3. raymondp unregistered

Just how does an update available from Samsung's own application (kies) qualify as a 'leaked' version?

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