T-Mobile says No to HTC Hero but Yes to HERO handsets

T-Mobile says No to HTC Hero but Yes to HERO handsets
Despite T-Mobile's CTO Cole Brodman's flat out denial that his company would offer a GSM version of the HTC Hero, there have been some rumors spreading that Brodman's statement was a part of a misdirection play on the carrier's part. All of this sprang from a listing on the T-Mobile job site seeking a "Product Manager HERO Handsets". The problem with this is that the job listing clearly states what the nation's fourth largest carrier means by "HERO".  According to T-Mobile, a HERO handset is one that will "...expand customers' imaginations through outstanding experiences, and receive the highest level of organizational support, including product development resources, marketing campaigns, sales priority and partner focus. At T-Mobile, we call these devices our HERO handsets." Mystery solved. The HTC Hero will not appear with T-Mobile branding. As for those T-Mobile customers hoping that their carrier will be the one that offers the too hot for words HTC HD2, you had better check to see if HD2 means the HD2 and that T-Mobile doesn't have another use for that title.

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source: htcpedia

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