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T-Mobile reps given troubleshooting tips for Nexus One's 3G problems

T-Mobile reps given troubleshooting tips for Nexus One's 3G problems
It's apparent that the Nexus One is having some sort of connection problems with 3G. T-Mobile reps were given a list of troubleshooting tips to try. Right on the top of the list, it says that customers should not be transferred to HTC since they cannot resolve the problem. Customers also should not exchange handsets as the list says this also will not help fix the problem, which leads us to believe that this is a widespread issue that could affect most units. Reps are supposed to make sure that the customer is in a 3G service area with no outages. Of course, resetting the phone and doing a battery pull is one suggested fix. For some users, this is their first smartphone and they may think that 3G is off when in reality, they are on Wi-Fi (when on Wi-Fi, the 3G icon does not show). Other suggestions include checking the 3G signal on older Android devices still owned, checking out service with friends or neighbors. The ultimate fix might require a firmware upgrade. Otherwise, we might soon learn the answer to the age-old question, will a Nexus One fly?

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source: EngadgetMobile


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