T-Mobile pushes out CLIQ update, battery life improves

T-Mobile pushes out CLIQ update, battery life improves
If two words could be used to describe the middling sales of the Motorola CLIQ, it would not be "Meh, meh." No, it would be "battery life". Battery life, or the lack of thereof, has been a big hurdle for prospective CLIQ buyers to overcome. After all, what good is MOTOBLUR if your device is as dead as the New Jersey Nets chances to make the playoffs. But that should all change now that T-Mobile has sent out an OTA firmware upgrade for the social networking monster. According to Engadget, they have heard from CLIQ owners who have already downloaded the new firmware, which is also suppose to improve touchscreen accuracy, connectivity issues, and accelerometer action. Check out the sourcelink for a changelog. The new build is 1.1.31. Let us know if you are now able to watch all of your social networks get integrated to your home screen for longer than before.

Motorola CLIQ Specifications | Review

source: MotorolaT-Mobile via TmoNews, EngadgetMobile



2. C_H

Posts: 23; Member since: Oct 06, 2009

My wife has this phone and loves it, but when she mentioned battery life issues I noticed that by default the screen brightness was WAY up, like "can legitimately use the phone as a flashlight"-bright. I turned it down to a reasonable level of brightness and now the battery is fine, hopefully with this update it'll be even better.

1. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

Crap phone, crap service, and crap plans... and t-mobile wonders why they don't meet their sales requirements. Is it not obvious? Are all the returns and exchanges not proof that its not, nor will it ever be, a success? I looked into it one day and saw that i'd be paying just as much (if not less) on an iphone. Yet this is what t-mobile has to offer against the iphone, the droid, the pre, the hero etc... What does that say about their company? Maybe they should worry less on improving out dated technology and start fresh with something actually worth looking at.

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