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T-Mobile pokes fun at Verizon's LTE outage in a tweet

T-Mobile pokes fun at Verizon's LTE outage in a tweet
There was a time when companies would abide by an unwritten code of gentlemanly behavior toward each other. In other words, if a chicken beak was found in a Chicken McNugget, Wendy's wouldn't put a full page ad in the papers about it. In fact, competitors just did not talk about each others failures or mistakes.

But times have changed. In the cut throat world of the cellphone industry, we have seen finger pointing, law suits and name calling just to name a few things. Verizon became a target when its 4G LTE service went down on Wednesday. And who better to poke fun at Big Red's woes than T-Mobile. The nation's fourth largest carrier had ironically poked fun at its merger partner AT&T and Apple in a series of television commercials that are still in rotation on some stations.

This time, T-Mobile resorted to sending out a tweet that mentions some of the wonderful things that took place on its 4G pipelines during the time that Verizon's 4G network was kaput. According to T-Mobile, 22 million photos, 17 million eBooks and 1 million apps were downloaded over T-Mobile's 4G network while Big Red's LTE customers had to make do with [shudder] 3G.

source: Twitter via AndroidCentral


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