T-Mobile officially announces doubling its 4G network speed to 42Mbps in 2011

T-Mobile officially announces doubling its 4G network speed to 42Mbps in 2011
T-Mobile officially announced at its CES press conference that its "4G" HSPA+ network will double in speed to 42Mbps this year. The carrier said it has sold 900 000 4G devices so far, and showed some slides pointing at the future development of T-Mobile's high-speed network.

Basically, the carrier is aiming to double its speed every year, until they reach 672Mbps, which is the theoretical maximum that the technology will be able to squeeze at this point. Issues with the perceived latency compared to Verizon's LTE were also addressed by downloading a music album from Amazon, and playing a car racing game in an online multiplayer session over the 42Mbps network with little to no lag.

As per T-Mobile, in the last few days it has been running tests in Las Vegas among Verizon's LTE, HSPA+ and Sprint's WiMAX, and found Verizon's LTE only marginally better, both in terms of speed and latency, while Sprint's 4G had been way behind. Such tests have to be taken with a grain of salt, though - despite being real life, they thoroughly depend on the location and the coverage, so your mileage can and will vary. T-Mobile wrapped it up by announcing the Dell Streak 7, while the T-Mobile G-Slate was held briefly in the beginning of the press conference by both LG and T-Mobile's CEOs.

The take from T-Mobile's presser was that there will be bread and butter in HSPA+ for at least the next 5 years, so that's what they will stick with, and current 3G device owners will also benefit from increased speeds.

source: T-Mobile



1. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

Yeah T-Mobile, you will remain in 4th place. You are sticking with it because you didn't go LTE(idiots). AT&T totally ripped a hole in T-Mobile's collective asses yesterday with the phones that we're announced. Please stop airing those commercials claiming to be america's largest 4g network.

2. stopcryinitsjusafone

Posts: 10; Member since: Jan 02, 2011

Wow, you seem like you know a lot what your talking about. Wait you don't!!Don't any of you people read and check on coverage in cities and see speed tests and that t-mobile is changing everything up. Your just another close minded idiot that is stuck at home watching t-mobile 4g commercials wishing you were part of that and that your dum@$$ is still under contract with your whack evo, droid, or iphone. I'm sorry i'm sounding mean to you, I should be mad at the monkey that taught you how to use a computer

3. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

Now I could reply in a way that would really hurt your feelings buy I'll pass. Next time please don't make monkey remarks, you leave yourself open for easy comedy. Anyway so which part am I wrong about tough guy? Are they getting LTE, uh no. Are they in 4th place, ahh yeah. So you said the eco, droid, and iPhone are wack, so hmmm what os/phone do you have? Wishing I was with t-mobile, I'll pass on there garbage coverage and false claims. Next time you attack someone, please know what you are talking about. No need for the name calling, its pretty childish. Oh yeah am I wrong about att ripping them a new asshole yesterday? The atrix will royally phuck any phone in there lineup and the infuse will do the same. My contract ends in 6 months but I still have a captivate, iPhone 4 and a focus. Now go enjoy your metro pcs BlackBerry curve since you clearly stated that Android and IOS are wack.

4. Tristan unregistered

T-Mobile Is 4th but that doesn't mean its bad at all :). The exact same thing happend last year with sprint they didn't accounce that many glitzy phones or had a WOW effect, but when the EVO was announced it had people turning their heads :] You never give it all away at once you wait for the right chance to have more of a WOW effect. T-mobile has the advantage here while 42mb may not be real world speeds I'm sure it will be still faster than LTE at its current state :]

5. Tre-Nitty Sucks unregistered

T-Mobile is actually pretty smart with what they are doing. Their already massive coverage with HSPA+ can easily be doubled and doubled while Sprint WiMax and Verizon LTE barely have coverage to begin with. Soon they'll be able to say they have the fastest, largest 4G network and not even need LTE for years to come and make some revenue until they'll need to switch. As for the tech.. dual-core, snapdragon, hummingbird.. horsecrack.. they're all BASICALLY the same in speed in the eyes of the normal consumer so as long as u have one your fine. For the long haul id give up my Epic for a G2/myTouch 4g in a heart beat if it wasn't for my contract D:

6. 4th place unregistered

Tre, slow down on the attacks about T-mo being in 4th place in customer base. The disparity in customer base is only because of sprint-nextel and att-cingular mergers. If it wasn't for that, the margins would be closer together other than Verizon.

7. j3.cole

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 07, 2011

Everyone seems sooooo concerned with theoretics and who can possibly run the fastest! But, regardless of the carrier, i have yet to see a handset achieve more than 8+ Mbs down and 2 up. If I could get a constant 7mbs down I would be content. It also means, many so called 3g handsets would be just fine, instead of forking out the cash for handsets that can't be used... It's like having a Ferrari in a residential neighborhood Please correct me if I am wrong

8. betotototo

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 01, 2011

j3.cole, out of all the youtube videos that I watch, waiting to see who has the fast speedtest.net speeds, the only one EVER that I have seen reach 9 mbps down was a G2 on T-mobile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbdNgUq5ePI Even if this phone was under perfect conditions for a normal user, this is, BY FAR, the FASTEST I have ever scene on a cell phone. I looked at evos (Sprint's wimax is a joke, hardly ever see anything over 2.5) and Verizon hasn't released their first 4g phone yet, and at&t's 3g on the iphone 4 is faster than the atrix on their 4g! (For comparison, at the same location, my iphone 4 got 3.2 mbps and my coworkers brand new atrix got 2.3). And this goes to Tre too. Really, WHO CARES if tmo is LTE or not. They've got the fastest from what I've seen. Prove me otherwise. Cause, quite frankly, I don't give a damn if I'm on wimax, LTE or hspa+. I care about what my download speeds are. If LTE is slower than hspa+, why would that be a factor for you if the "lower technology" outperforms the new? Also, don't tell me tmo doesn't have real 4g. The definition of 4g has been changed by the ITU committee since neither WiMax, LTE or HSPA+ have been able to reach the true requirements of 4g. So they changed the definition and now it includes all LTE, WiMax and HSPA+.

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