T-Mobile offers wire-free charging for the myTouch 3G

T-Mobile offers wire-free charging for the myTouch 3G
PureEnergy Solutions, with its wire-free WildCharge recharging solutions, is teaming up with T-Mobile to offer wire-free charging to owners of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G. Available in select stores of the carrier in the coming weeks, the myTouch Drop and Go will give the buyer a charging pad and a special replacement back for the handset. While the back is designed specifically to charge the myTouch 3G, three PowerDiscs come with the package that allows the buyer to charge other handsets and Bluetooth models in addition to the Android flavored myTouch 3G. The company's CEO, Dennis Grant, said "Consumers are demanding a simple, reliable, and elegant wire-free charging system that works across the board, with multiple devices. We’re moving towards that goal by making it easy and cost effective for today’s leading consumer product companies, such as T-Mobile, to license, embed and brand the WildCharge technology, and get it on store shelves quickly." No pricing info was disclosed. Wire-free charging has become popular since Palm introduced the Touchstone system to recharge its Pre and Pixi handsets.

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source: PureEnergy



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