T-Mobile is back with new ad aimed at AT&T

T-Mobile is back with new ad aimed at AT&T
With two ads in the can, but only one being put on rotation, T-Mobile decided it was time to go back to the studio and film another commercial doing what they do best-insult AT&T while playing up their own HSPA+ network. This time, we have another great visual display that gets the fourth largest U.S. carrier's point across.

If T-Mobile's HSPA+, self proclaimed 4G network is a powerful motorcycle, AT&T is little battery operated three-wheeler. Note that when the actress representing the T-Mobile myTouch 4G (Carly is her name) starts to talk to the "Apple iPhone 4", AT&T says, "Don't worry, he can't hear you"-a direct hit on AT&T's network and iPhone users frustration over having dropped calls and weak signals.

Once again, the fact that Apple's Face Time is working only on Wi-Fi for now comes in for attack as the point is made that the T-Mobile myTouch 4G offers video calls "without needing Wi-Fi." T-Mobile repeats the tag line, "America's largest 4G network" which has to be making AT&T's top brass a little upset. After all, as we have reported, the latter carrier believes that if T-Mobile can call its HSPA+ network 4G, so can AT&T, which would make them the largest 4G carrier in the country.

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1. jenna_23

Posts: 145; Member since: Apr 02, 2010

Well I have t-mobile my boyfriend has at&t and we both live in Miami and yes my mytouch 4G is waaay faster at loading pages and all than his samsung captivate but honestly he had more coveage when we took a roadtrip last week to Texas by car half of the time t-mobile had no service at all in many little towns we stopped in and it didn't work at all it was frustating while him on at&t. Had atleast gsm or gprs coverage from at&t and he was able to talk and send messages so I think it all depends on the person if u live in a city that has t-mobile hspa+ coverage from t-mobile and u dnt take roadtrips then t-mobile is for u if u take a lot of road trips like me don't count on t-mobile to have u covered cuz most likely u won't have coverage

2. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Let's be honest...I don't think anyone is going from AT&T to T-Mobile. People have it in their minds that Sprint and T-Mobile are e-class providers and Verizon and AT&T are premium providers. People generally don't go from the top providers down to the lower and hell, even the folks with Sprint and T-Mobile look to go up to the top two. Let T-Mobile do what they will. They are lying to consumers about their network being 4G (just like Sprint) so why should their commercials be any different? Ethics aside, the commercials are hilarious...even if they're a rip off...

3. BillNex unregistered

I don't get the last guys (JeffdaBeat) comment about Sprint not having 4G... Do you know what you are talking about, because technically Sprint is the only carrier that offers 4G with the largest 4G device lineup. I really wouldn't consider T-Mobile and Sprint in the same level. I'll give you that Verizon and AT&T are considered above T-Mobile and Sprint but the gap between Sprint and T-Mobile is considerable.

4. dha_george

Posts: 54; Member since: Jan 27, 2010

will t-mobile call their LTE 5g when they get it?

5. BobbyTaba

Posts: 316; Member since: Aug 11, 2010

Only if it is 3 to 5 times faster. It wont we that fast so it will be just adding to their 4g network

6. JeffdaBeat unregistered

BillNex... that's the problem with folks. You believe what a company tells you without doing research of your own. Companies have been saying that they are offering 4G without the actual 4G standard being ratified (or agreed on) by the folks in charge with making standards for mobile technology. The International Telecommunication Union say that at the very least data has to be transfered at 100mbps and neither LTE or WiMAX are close to that. In fact, because of the limited speeds, voice has to be transfered over CDMA or GSM networks. With real 4G, speeds would be so fast that you could pretty much do VOIP. So, yes, I know what I am talking about. More so than you do it seems...but to start you out on using the internet to be more informative...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4G

19. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

You make valid points but lets be honest, all the carriers are going to advertise their data networks as 4G at some point so I wouldn't hold it pass t-mobile and sprint for using the word 4G to differentiate the speeds from 3G. Most people don't even have 4G (so called 4G... not real 4G) data speeds in their home and it would take years to develop a spectrum running at 100 mbps in the US. I'm sure they'll have another name for it when those kinds of speeds reach our grasp. I'm actually interested in wimax 2 which runs at 330 mbps. If that kind of technology was outted in the states, it would most definitely have another name besides 4G.

7. Tre-Nitty

Posts: 470; Member since: Nov 16, 2010

@jeffdabeat I respect the fact that you do your research before speaking. T-Mobile h=is no threat to att and they clearly aren't running 4g. If people want to be stupid and believe them, more power. I have att and it constantly outperforms my wife's evo 4g. I have the iphone 4 and am very satisfied with att.

8. jd829

Posts: 155; Member since: Feb 24, 2010

Well here's the funny thing. at&t's HSPA+ network (which we still call 3G) today covers 180 million americans (40 mil more than T-maybe's "4G"), and will increase that to 250 million people by years end (50 million more than T-Maybe claims they'll have at years end). T-maybe talks some sh-t, but at&t just does it. All I can say is SCORE BOARD!

9. TKFox007

Posts: 303; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

I hate these commercials, they're not cleaver at all. Verizon's "Largest 3G network" ads were cleaver and they made you laugh, I really loved the Island of Misfit Toys commercial they played last year. AT&T (while I don't like their customer service) had some good commercials with Luke Wilson, like the dinner party one where he switches the phones around and it starts a riot. T-Mobile barely has coverage, metroPCS has better coverage than T-Mobile

10. nname unregistered

I have tmobile. it is much better where i live. att just too expensive. their customer service not good.

11. nname unregistered

TKFox007 you don't know what you are talking about. checks the facts please

12. Gcombs unregistered

It all depends on where you live. Everyone gets great service in the cities some better than others, but the best service is when you have coverage pretty much everywhere without worrying if your phone will work. I know T-Mobile or Terrible Mobile as I call them has the worst coverage of them all outside of major cities and they will kick you off there network and tell you to go to another carrier if you roam a lot. I've had customers switch to Verizon because of that.

13. Droid Master unregistered

LOL...no no no...LMFAO...They share the same networks...I heard they will be use the same HSPA+ network until AT&T makes the jump next to the're on LTE network later next year. Funny its almost like the Sprint and Verizon deal with they're 3g networks. (the tortoise and the hare reference) Sprint claims they were first to have 4g (and they do) but they ended up choosing the wrong network (WiMax) so now they are back tracking and trying to negotiation with other carriers to get an LTE network going because of the lack of funding for WIMAX. While Verizon on the other hand is building queitly building they're network that should be completely overlaid the current 3g network by the end of 2013. And should be crowned as most reliable network once again.

14. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Sprint does not have 4G! Check your facts...

15. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

well ill say it once and ill say it again... -There Is Virtually no 4G On US Yet on any carrier connection has to be 100mbps at second. and people should have this in mind: 1. if they sell you a phone that can candle 4G don't buy it cause its a 4G phone, buy them for any other feature but 4G -The connections providers are pulling should be called 3G+ instead. -T-mobile is not a bad company they offer a pretty decent speed and good customer support (I've been with both) but they need to expand the network, and people should check their coverage maps before getting tied with any contract. lets use our heads -As far as i can see and test T-mobile moves faster than Att on zones where their "bars" where similar. -the guys in charge of telling whats 4G and whats not 4G and tell all the companies to stop fooling people, even if they get 2x or 3x the speed they used to have before

16. rayy unregistered

wat get me verizon stared there 4g network first and as of today the largest and fastest 4g network in the us as of known than sprint wants to come in and say they have the first 4g network. when they first lunch 4g they only had the coverage of central florida well verizon has over 11 major cities on there list

17. wrong unregistered

4g has nothing to do with speed, the 4g refers to the technology"4th generation" so to believe and associate 4g with anything other than the next technology the masses are wrong, 4g has nothing to do with speeds so the advertiser t-mobile is tricking you into thinking that their network which is awful and 4th best and thats being generous is actually 4g, they are playing on the word 4g and using it to make you think you have 4g. nuff said jeff has the right idea, do some research make your own opinions dont be sheep, ull thank me in the long run..

18. Fanboykiller unregistered

I don't know why tmo claims the running 4g, is 3.75g hspa+ that's it...: and there's a couple of apps like yahoo messenger and tango where you can make video calls over 3G for the iphone4

20. Tristann

Posts: 76; Member since: Nov 04, 2010

T-Mobile has great coverage in my area(i litterily live one street away from the tower lol) data has been fast(mostly) and i havent gotten any dropped calls yet and i always have full bars of signal or close to. It all deponds on where you live. Sprint had fair coverage in my area and its data was fast as well BUT after 5 years of being told "were building new towers close to your area!!" i left sprint for t-mobile. AT&T was out of the question and im getting Verizon next year if they have there LTE network up in my area. Do some digging and see what Cell Phone Provider is best for you! Oh and to add to the "4g" ordeal why does it even matter what its called? Were still getting faster internet on our phones arent we? So why complain? Weither its WiMAX or LTE were still getting faster data speeds arent we?

21. sprintdrew unregistered

The fact of the matter is this.. Sprint's "4G" speeds are way faster than T-Mobile's "4G" but as far as 4th Generation internet speeds go, Sprint is the closest to it nobody else can compare.. and the only way the sprint can get the fastest speeds is if they drop wimax and go to LTE.. and given the amount of spectrum sprint has, ITS GONNA HAPPEN... SPRINT FTW!!

22. Rich57 unregistered

I've had T-Mobile since they were Voicestream and I agree that the US coverage is probably not as good as the bigger networks. Totally made up for in my case when I travel overseas. T-Mobile has outstanding coverage that has beat my traveling companion's phones on AT&T and Verizon everywhere I've been.

23. bigmanindahouse unregistered

what kind of Motorcycle is that i knew it like 3 weeks ago but now i forgot

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