A $13,000 roaming bill in half an hour? Family fights T-Mobile on international data charges

There have been plenty of complaints about exorbitant international data charges from various carriers, but this fresh story takes the cake. T-Mobile touts that its plans include unlimited international data in more than 200 countries, but the offer comes with so many caveats that it is practically useless in this day and age unless you travel to Mexico and Canada:

A family traveling to Vietnam was perfectly aware that if they want to use data there on their current T-Mobile plan, they may be charged unpleasant roaming fees, so they set their iPhones in airplane mode for the duration. Much to their surprise, however, they received a $13,470 bill for what turned out to be half an hour of internet usage upon investigation.

Granted, it was their son that racked the charges, but he claims that he put his iPhone in airplane mode as well, and played chess during the flight, which, however, didn't require internet connectivity. When T-Mobile saw that the kid hasn't downloaded a movie or streamed anything of substance, they agreed to reduce the charges to $3,800, as data might have been used by background iOS apps without the teen's knowledge. Confronted further by the local ABC affiliate KGO, however, they removed the roaming charges altogether, with the following piece of advice:

via ABC


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