T-Mobile getting the Nokia E73 this June?

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T-Mobile getting the Nokia E73 this June?
With the Nokia Nuron expected to make some giant waves on T-Mobile's lineup in the near future, it's also being heard that another Nokia handset might make an appearance sometime in June. The Nokia E71 has long been argued as one of Nokia's best handsets to date – even rivaling some of its higher end brothers like the N95 and such. Although its successor, the Nokia E72, never really lived up to the reputation it was supposed to adhere to, T-Mobile may be graced with the Nokia E73 that's rumored to show up in June; according to TmoNews. They're hinting that the Nokia Mystic which was first made known back last month in January is actually the upcoming Nokia E73. Some people out there might wonder how this will all transpire – especially when you look at the elegantly designed Nokia E71 versus the plastic and entry-level looking Nokia Mystic. Even in the face of some serious competition, the Symbian powered Nokia E73 will have an uphill battle attempting to gain the hearts of consumers that are constantly being bombarded by the attraction of other platforms. You never know what Nokia may end up doing; especially if the Nuron manages to penetrate the US market.

source: TmoNews


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