T-Mobile finally letting Android users activate prepaid service right from their phones

T-Mobile finally letting Android users activate prepaid service right from their phones
The year was 2018. T-Mobile introduced eSIM support for iPhone users, making it a matter of few clicks for them to add a prepaid line to their handsets, right from the comfort of their homes, without having to talk to anyone over the phone. After five long years, the carrier has finally introduced its Prepaid eSIM app on the Google Play Store for Android phone users.

Whether you are a social recluse or not, there's something liberating about having stuff delivered to your home without any human interaction whatsoever. The same should be true for services, right? And even if you don't mind going to a store to buy a SIM card, having the option of being able to activate a new prepaid service through an app is priceless.

As reported by The Mobile Report, Android users who own devices with eSIM support can now downloadT-Mobile's Prepaid eSIM app and activate service directly from their phone. 

You won't have to go to a T-Mobile location or talk with a customer service representative. Just download the app, follow the steps, and you are good to go. No need to scan any QR code or buy a physical SIM. You won't be charged any fee for activating a device with eSIM.

You must ensure that your device is compatible with T-Mobile's service before proceeding and it must be an unlocked device. T-Mobile also has a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

The carrier has also provided a list of common error messages and how to troubleshoot them.

T-Mobile advertises the Prepaid eSIM app as being great for travelers who are visiting the US, existing T-Mobile customers who need another line, and those who want to try out the company's 5G service without committing to years-long plans.

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