T-Mobile doubles your data when you add a tablet to your Simple Choice plan

T-Mobile doubles your data when you add a tablet to your Simple Choice plan
Most U.S. carriers ask you to pay $10 a month to add a tablet to a shared data plan. The problem with this, is that the amount of data you have to work with doesn't increase. It's like throwing an extra piranha into a tank with a small piece of hamburger. The amount of meat doesn't change, but there is one more hungry mouth that needs to be fed. Having that tablet added to your shared data plan will almost certainly make your data allowance disappear faster.

But that won't be the case at T-Mobile. Starting on September 3rd, you will pay $10 a month for any tablet to be added to a Simple Choice plan. With that $10, you receive a bucket of data equal to what you receive monthly on your LTE data plan, up to 5GB. This data is set aside for your tablet. 

Example time, boys and girls. Let's say you have a Simple Choice smartphone plan that gives you 5GB of data a month. You can add your connected tablet for $10 and receive another 5GB of data, held aside just for your tablet. And of course, there is that additional 200MB of data for your slate that T-Mobile gives away to customers, for the life of their T-Mobile tablet.

Will Verizon, AT&T or Sprint respond? Stay tuned.

source: T-Mobile via AndroidCentral


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