T-Mobile decides to cancel the Nokia Nuron 2

T-Mobile decides to cancel the Nokia Nuron 2
Nokia's bad luck continues in the US where they are struggling to keep their brand name prevalent amongst the vast names from the opposition.

Granted that they're still a well known and respected company outside of the US, they've been unable to make a name for themselves within the big four wireless carriers in the US. And yet another blow to their cause, we find T-Mobile USA quickly placing the Nokia Nuron 2 on the chopping block as they've completely stopped any further movement in bringing it to market.

It's hard to say what's the reason behind their decision, but some think it has something to do more with the recent news of rival AT&T potentially getting the Nokia X7 – which is positioned to be the first carrier supported Symbian^3 device to come ashore. Naturally, it fares better in almost every category versus the Symbian^1 platform running on the Nokia Nuron 2.

Regardless of whatever is the reason for its early demise, it quickly shows that Nokia doesn't quite have the star power to sway any of the big four in the US.

source: Pocket Now via IntoMobile



1. Socalvenom unregistered

thank god T-mobile stopped Nokia from releasing this turd of a phone the specs are super outdated and unless Nokia goes forward in time to current 2011. I predict Nokia will no longer have what it takes to stay up in the phone industry

2. Hen unregistered

I think T Mobile should have released this phone. This would have made a good entry level device. @Socalvenom Not all phones have to come out with super phone specs? Thats why they are called super phones. That does not appeal to everybody and the first Nuron was a nice starter phone. It definitely is better than the Comet.

10. Socalvenom unregistered

I personally don't have anything against Nokia I like the phones they make with out a question of a doubt, but here in the US no one really cares for Nokia's anymore everyones more concentrated on high end devices like Andriod's or Iphones I would include Blackberry, but in my opinion BB just cant cut it anymore besides the nice querty keyboard everything's outdated or lacking in one way or another. What I do agree with 100% is that even though everyones coming out with super powered phones with a dual core, or some kind of high end display there should still be phones that are just basic and cheap to own and use because after all not everyone wants internet of their phones. Before it was an option to get a phone that needed an internet but now it's pretty much mandatory or the phone won't work properly one way or another I just think its sad but hey back to the subject at hand I honestly believe that one of the reasons why the Nuron 2 wasn't released was because besides the low end specs T-mobile wants something better from Them maybe it's about time Nokia releases an officially branded N900 or something

11. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

its definatly not better than the comet. the neuron had a ton of problems with it, and from the looks of it, its just a redesigned neuron 1. the comet at least was base android 2.2 and runs pretty well for such a cheap little phone. android trumps symbian (especially V1) any day of the week.

3. Boti95

Posts: 162; Member since: Sep 05, 2010

Welll, I guess Tmobile cares about Android and Blackberrys because the Symbian is outdated. Nokia needs to start making Android phones.

4. thatdude1 unregistered

No, Nokia should not make Android phones and for those of you making predictions that Nokia will no longer have what it takes to stay up in the phone industry, then you are fools to say the least. Nokia could have sold zero phones in the 4th quarter and they would still be the largest smartphone maker by far. True, Nokia is having a hard time here in the states, but Symbian is by far and large still ahead of the compeition.

5. dude123 unregistered

Symbian has been around for YEARS too. Their market share is nosediving. Sure they may be on top but it wont last long, they will lose their lead by 2012 if they dont do something FAST!

6. thatdude1 unregistered

Nokia is already doing something. Their new Symbian handsets are selling well, and with MeeGo almost here, they will most assuredly capture more market share with this two-pronged assault. By 2012, Nokia will still have the lead.

7. mbmbmb unregistered

Nokia needs to show commitment to Symbian. Developers have no confidence in their product strategy and they are way late to the party with MeeGo. They need to clean up the Symbian menus and make the appstore more useable. I am tired of installing apps that expect a physical keyboard to work. I actually like the Nokia Nuron. I dont want or need a high end smart phone. Something that works well as a phone, has a readable display in sunlight, decent battery life and allows me to load apps. I really like the small candybar size, and the 640x360 screen resolution (pixel density) works really well. Much better than the G-1 one previously used. That said, what was TMo thinking releasing another Symbian^1 phone. Wishful thinking T-Mobile cancelled the Nuron 2, to release the C6-02 instead.

8. jackg unregistered

Not everyone just look at smartphone market. There are a lot of people who want a simple phone for making phone calls.

9. Tristann

Posts: 76; Member since: Nov 04, 2010

T-Mobile should of released the phone as well, like the posters above said not everyone wants a High End SmartPhone.

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