T-Mobile announces March 24th launch for Nokia Nuron for $60 on contract

T-Mobile announces March 24th launch for Nokia Nuron for $60 on contract
With all of the pictures and stories we've recently seen on the Nokia Nuron, it is hard to believe that a launch date had not been announced until Monday. And with that disclosure comes the price of the unit as well. First of all, as we reported, the Nuron is an entry level phone for touchscreen newbies, although it does have some rather interesting features like Flash Lite 3.0 in the browser. This allows you to access YouTube directly from the desktop site. But we digress. According to Phonescoop, T-Mobile and Nokia have confirmed that the phone will be launched through T-Mobile on March 24th as we previously reported. If the phrase "will be launched through T-Mobile on March 24th" sounds familiar, that is because the superior Windows Mobile superstar stud HTC HD2 is also launching through the same carrier on the same date. This could present something of a challenge to find buyers for Nokia's device. Actually, those who practice money management the Scrooge McDuck way might end up going for the Nuron as the handset will run $60 with a new two year contract, much lower than the price for the HD2. But sometimes you get what you pay for, and the Nuron will feature a 3.2 inch resistive display and a 2MP camera. That pales in comparison to the 4.3 inch capacitive screen on the HD2 and the 5MP camera. The big news is that the launch date is official, and tomorrow you can have the Nokia Nuron in your hand. If you're seriously considering buying the unit, check out our review, hot off the press.

Nokia 5230 Nuron Specifications | Review

source: Phonescoop via TmoNews

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