T-Mobile: We won't sell the Motorola Moto X in our stores at first

T-Mobile: We won't sell the Motorola Moto X in our stores at first
T-Mobile customers dream of the day when the Motorola Moto X is launched so that they can go into the store and pick up a standardized version of the phone. Might as well go back to sleep, because this can only be a dream anyway, at least for now. Published reports on Friday have a T-Mobile executive saying that the carrier will not directly sell Motorola's new handset at its stores, even though the device is compatible with the carrier's network.

T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert said that customers of the nation's fourth largest carrier looking to buy the Moto X will have to do so "through Motorola's channels," which means using the Moto Maker web site and ordering a customized version of the phone. Sievert said that any information about the Moto X being offered directly by T-Mobile at its retail locations will come at a future date.

While those ordering the phone from the Moto Maker site will be able to customize the color of the rear cover, trim and accents for the phone, those buying the model directly from a carrier will have the choice of purchasing a standardized model in black or white. And while the phone will not immediately be available at T-Mobile stores. Sievert did leave the door open for the Moto X to be available directly from the carrier at a later date.

source: AllThingsD
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