T-Mobile Tuesday server issues causes the deals to be extended until Friday

T-Mobile Tuesday server issues causes the deals to be extended until Friday
In its first week being live, T-Mobile Tuesday deals had some issues because users didn't read the fine print and couldn't get the free Dominos pizza that they expected to be able to get. This week, T-Mobile ran into even more problems as server issues made it impossible for users to redeem their deals, but T-Mobile has a solution for that.

In order to avoid the troubles with people loving pizza too much, T-Mobile swapped out that deal for a $15 free ride from Lyft. Unfortunately, server issues made it so users couldn't even see this week's deals, let alone redeem their free stuff. T-Mobile CEO John Legere came up with a quick workaround, asking users to call 611 (the T-Mobile service line) to get deal codes, but many customers were still left out because they never got the message. 

So, in order to make it up to people, T-Mobile is extending this week's deals until Friday. This means you have until then to get a free Lyft ride up to $15, a $20 coupon on the MLB Shop, a free Vudu rental, and/or a free small Frosty from Wendy's. Jump on it if you want.

source: @JohnLegere 1, 2 & 3


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