T-Mobile Shadow comes in few colors

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T-Mobile Shadow comes in few colors
BoyGenius received some new images of the T-Mobile Shadow, which as reported earlier is based on the HTC Phoebus / HTC Juno. There aren’t much new details on the smartphone but the screen is most probably a VGA unit and is reported to have very good quality even in direct light. What comes as surprise is that the Stealth won’t be available only in glossy Black, but also in Green and Brown variants, just as the Touch. The first rumors revealed that the WM6 Standard smartphone Shadow also has similar interface to the Touch, and thanks to the announcement of the new S730 we know what it means – a personalized home screen which HTC calls “Live HTC Home”.

As it can be seen, the Shadow will be available with 20-key keyboard with QWERTY arrangement and two characters per key, similar to the SureType in BlackBerry phones and to the hybrid in Sony Ericsson smartphones including the P1 and M600. We guess it is similar to the one of the Touch DUAL which means it is similar to the SureType (each button is single key, not two-way rocker) but uses the standard T9 for predicting the text.

source: BGR



1. joeby unregistered

when is the phone going to be available ?and what going to be the price of the phone with the 2 year contract ?

2. meccey unregistered

the shadow comes out october 31st, hince the name "shadow"

3. Julie unregistered

I asked at a T-mobile store last week and was told that the Shadow would be $400 and still cost $300 with the upgrade renewal. Seems a little high to me for an upgrade.

4. Sody unregistered

Cost will be 150 for upgraders. Phone does not feel very sturdy, but the screen is gorgeous displaying lots of vibrant colors.

5. unregistered

is the screen vga or qvga? i've seen it listed as both. does anyone really know?

6. unregistered

screen is qvga hate that the tmob UI only comes in a brown colored scheme

7. handcellphone.com unregistered

It is called T-Mobile shadow.

8. unregistered

i think th up grade price it to high

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