Synaptics outs ClearForce pressure-sensitive screen tech, brings 3D Touch for all (video demo)

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Apple was rumored for a while to unveil new iPhones with pressure-sensitive screen technology, which at the time was known as Force Touch. Huawei beat it to the punch with the announcement of the first phone with a Force Touch display, the Mate S, though this one has yet to hit the shelves, while the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are already in the hands of their 13 million users and counting.

Apple dubbed the technology 3D Touch, but it is essentially the same thing - the screen reacts based on the pressure level you apply to it, popping up context menus, or doing other actions assigned to the task. Synaptics, however, the makers of all things touch, including the pads on your laptop, just posted a demo of their own pressure-sensitive screen tech, dubbed ClearForce this time, indicating what Huawei might have incorporated in its Mate S. 

The ClearForce demo envisages much more usage scenarios for its pressure level display tech, including website scrolling with a harder press, which would be a godsend on big-screen phones. Others include variable speed scrolling, picture zoom and panning, continuously variable gaming control functions, unlock and wake up, keyboard symbol and upper case selection, and many more.

Thus, Apple's 3D Touch and the Mate S Force Touch won't be staying exclusive for long, it seems, as now every manufacturer willing to take the plunge with Synaptics ClearForce, will be able to equip its phones or tablets with pressure-sensitive displays. As Senior VP of Synaptics Kevin Barber puts it: "This exciting next step in human interface for smartphones will soon become the norm and highlights Synaptics' leadership in force." May the force be with you, Kevin.

source: Synaptics

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