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Symbian and Android gets a new version of Fring

Symbian and Android gets a new version of Fring
It’s almost nearly impossible to keep up with all of the various instant messaging clients out there without forgetting passwords and whatnot. Thanks to Fring, it manages to place most of the popular clients into one easy to use application that allows you to chat with anyone on your buddy list – it doesn’t matter what platform they use; it just works. Although iPhone owners have finally been given the ability to do video chats through Wi-Fi connectivity, Android and Symbian users are getting a fresh new update to the popular application. Aside from fixing bugs and implementing some tweaks, there is very little to consider it a drastic change to the client. Symbian users will get the ability to change their status with the click of a button and DTMF dialing is enabled within a phone call. Nokia touch owners get a couple of bonuses that include better integration of Twitter and live links inside your Fring chats. As for Android, the new version includes voice, connectivity, and stability improvements to always make the experience seamless without any problems. Download your specific version and take the hassle of juggling multiple IM clients with Fring.

source: Fring


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