Survey says....Android Tablets

Survey says....Android Tablets
A new survey of 2,100 Americans taken by Sybase shows that 1 out of every 4 feel that an Android tablet is something that is "desirable". The same 1 in 4 said that they would replace their laptop PC with a tablet if it offered a good selection of features and applications. A fairly impressive 13% of non-Android owners said that they would be interested in purchasing an Android flavored tablet which sounds like good news for Google's open source OS.

Another part of the survey revealed that Americans believe that bigger is better-at least when it comes to tablet screens. Half of those interested in purchasing a tablet said that they wanted a display measuring 9 to 10 inches. 26% want a bigger 12 inch display while 21% favor the 7 inch screen that will be on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab | Preview (EU version)

source: androinica


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1. DonkeyPunched

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Uhhh who are these people they are testing? Many people don't even know there is a tablet coming with Android, let alone another tablet. Most just know of the iPad since they advertise a lot on television and websites along with them being all over their stores, which are usually always filled with consumers. I don't understand why these statistics are showing this and I doubt these are correct.

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