Surprise, surprise! The Motorola DROID X you ordered is at your door

Surprise, surprise! The Motorola DROID X you ordered is at your door
As Jim Nabors would have put it, "Surprise, surprise". More than a week earlier than the expected launch date, some lucky people have already received the Motorola DROID X that they have pre-ordered. While Big Red has not officially started taking pre-orders on the phone, one gentleman from El Paso, Texas was able to sweet-talk a Verizon rep into taking his order for the DROID X. This has apparently happened multiple times because a Verizon call center in Huntsville, Alabama admitted that a few DROID X owners had called to activate the sexy new flagship of the Verizon fleet. One theory making the rounds was that the early units were sent to satisfy the scavenger hunt contest that the carrier had been running. One report had a DROID X "landing" somewhere in Texas and that turned out to be in Houston. As we reported, Best Buy has resumed taking pre-orders for the DROID X and has said that it will launch on the same day that Verizon does, although reserving a unit with the big box retailer does not guarantee a phone on launch day; it only means that orders will be fulfilled on a first come-first served basis. The launch date is expected to be July 15th as we previously told you with the phone going for a price of $199 after a $100 mail-in-rebate and a signed two-year contract.

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source: AndroidandMe

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