now redirects to Microsoft's website - Surface Phone coming soon?


Is Microsoft really getting ready to release a Surface Phone? Last month, we heard that such a handset could be launched sometimes in the second half of 2016, though, for now, Microsoft won't confirm anything. What may be seen as a good sign (for those who are waiting for a Surface Phone) is the fact that Microsoft is definitely interested in the Surface Phone name.

If you visit, you'll be redirected to Microsoft's global Surface website (which, at the moment, obviously showcases only Surface tablets and related accessories). So, Microsoft not only owns the domain, but it also wants eventual visitors to know that this name belongs to it. Of course, this may not mean much: Microsoft may simply want to protect a name that's been heavily linked with a possible upcoming Windows 10 smartphone, without planning to actually use it. The again, the Surface brand is quite strong (thanks to the Surface Pro series of tablets), so a Surface Phone kind of makes sense - especially since the Lumia family doesn't seem to be as successful as Microsoft wants it to be.

Back in October, a report had it that Microsoft's Surface team was working on a smartphone prototype. If this is the rumored Surface Phone, or a device that will never be commercially available, that's anyone's guess. Hopefully, it won't be long before we hear more about the Surface Phone.

source: SurfacePhone via Reddit, WM Power User

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