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Super Mario Run: how to unlock all six playable characters (Mario, Peach, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Toadette)


Super Mario Run is a lot of fun: sure, it takes just an hour or two to go through the whole campaign (we have people on PhoneArena who did it in half an hour, but they also wear a Mario shirt in the office...), but if you want to unlock all the secret characters and pass all the challenges, it will take days.

Well, let's not be afraid and get started right away with the first step: here is how to unlock all the six playable characters in Super Mario Run. You start with Mario, of course, but you can unlock five more characters: Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi, Yoshi and Toadette.

Note that each one of these characters has a special skill that you can use to pass the challenges in the game. Let's start with the first character that you will likely unlock:

Princess Peach

The whole story of the Mario game circles around a girl, and not just any girl, but Princess Peach trapped in the evil hands of Bowser. In Super Mario Run you unlock Princess Peach as a playable character right after you finish the whole game. Mario even gets a kiss from the princess at the end! 

But what about playing as miss Peach? Your special skill is unlimited hovering: you tap once to jump and one more time while in the air to hover. Mario can only do this hover move for a short period of time, while you can hover an unlimited time with miss Peach. She pulls this trick by using her long skirt that allows her to float in the air.


A simple to unlock character, you get to play with Toad simply by linking your My Nintendo Account. 

This will also allow you to do cloud saves, which is a nice feature. This is the only character that you unlock without even having to do anything inside the game. Toad appears as a free reward in My Nintendo Rewards, and in fact Toad will be the first reward that you see in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Toad's special skill? He runs faster than the rest and starts as a big character, but can only take one hit.


To unlock Luigi in Super Mario Run you will need to build Luigi's house in the kingdom mode. This requires 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads from Toad Rally. Pick your foes carefully: if you go against the best, chances are that you could lose and losing has the painful effect of setting you back a lot in your toad collection. 

What is Luigi's special skill in Super Mario Run? 

Luigi jumps higher than any other character.


Yoshi, Mario's good fella, can be unlocked when you collect 30 Red Toads and 30 Green Toads in Toad Rally. With these toads at hand you will be able to build Yoshi's House and unlock the character.

Yoshi's special skill? He can flutter in the air, and this is useful for getting those high up coins that are otherwise much harder to reach.


The last and most challenging to unlock character is Toadette. Toadette requires a whopping 200 Red, 200 Blue, 200 Green, 200 Purple, and 200 Yellow Toads. 

In order to unlock Toadette, you must have already unlocked Peach.
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