Steve Jobs' daugher Lisa is the heroine of Sorkin's screenplay

Steve Jobs' daugher Lisa is the heroine of Sorkin's screenplay
One of the more upsetting stories from the life of Steve Jobs concerns how he denied for such a long time that he was the father of Lisa Brennan. The story ultimately had a happy ending with Jobs and his daughter reconciling, and Lisa even having an Apple computer named after her. Now, it sounds like that story is the one that has captured the attention of Aaron Sorkin while he was writing the screenplay for the Jobs biopic.

In an interview with The Independent, Sorkin talked about the larger role he has planned for Lisa in the screenplay:

As yet, there is no word on who will play Lisa in the movie. Of course, none of the casting has been finalized. After Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale both turned down the role of Steve Jobs, the latest is that Michael Fassbender will play Apple's co-founder. Seth Rogen has been rumored to play Steve Wozniak, and Jessica Chastain is rumored for an unknown role as well. 


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