Stephen Fry says BlackBerry Storm2 is impressive

Stephen Fry says BlackBerry Storm2 is impressive
Tech critic Stephen Fry helped stick the proverbial fork into the first BlackBerry Storm model last year. His tweet/review of the 9530 discouraged many potential buyers and became a reminder of how RIM and Verizon rushed out the first touchscreen BlackBerry: "Been playing with the BB Storm. Shockingly bad. I meanembarrassingly awful. Such a disappointment. Rushed out unfinished.What a pity. Yes, I blame n’works more than RIM. Problems are terrible lag:inaccurate t’screen, awful, slow and fiddly text input. I SO wanted tolike it.Plus the GPS maps won’t work – issue with BIS connections. I see from forums postings this is widespread in the UK. iPhone killer? Ha!"

With this in mind, Fry's review of the new BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is a 180 degree turnaround. He says about the sequel: "Had a play with the new BlackBerry Storm 2 and confess myself vvv impressed." The new model features some major hardware improvements with the SurePress typing system that is supposed to recreate the feeling of typing on a computer keyboard with a virtual QWERTY. The technology on the first model was the bane of many a Storm owner, but has been vastly upgraded with the Storm2. Add to this the software improvements with the BlackBerry 5.0 OS and the 9550 is probably a lot closer to being the device that many BlackBerry fans expected when they purchased the first-gen model last year.

RIM BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Specifications | Preview

source: Twitter via ElectricPig

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