Sprint's new Framily plan now official

Sprint's new Framily plan now official
Earlier Tuesday, we told you about a rumored new plan that Sprint was going to announce. Designed for a group of friends, the Sprint Framily plan allows up to 10 lines to be connected under the same plan. The plan is available for new and existing Sprint customers and each person covered can be billed separately. Who can be in your group? Anyone that you want. The service starts on January 10th.

The plan offers one line of service for $55 which includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. For each person that joins the group, the price drops by $5 a month with a maximum discount of $30 a line. That means a group of 7 can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for just $25 a month. Want unlimited data? Add $20 per line for unlimited talk, text and data, and Sprint will also let you update to a new phone once a year.

To participate in the plan, the members must each purchase an eligible phone and pay it off in 24 monthly payments, or reactivate a previously purchased Sprint phone. Those existing customers with a subsidized phone must pay an additional $15 a month per line until they are eligible for an upgrade. For a limited time, Sprint is waiving this fee. Existing accounts cannot be merged into a new Framily plan unless the accounts are both owned by the same person. New customers using the plan will be given a Framily ID, which they can use to invite new members.

According to Sprint, its Framily plan with a single member ($55 per month) or at maximum savings ($25 per month), offers a great discount compared to the other carriers. While T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan is $50 a month, it includes just 500MB of data or half of what Sprint's plan offer. AT&T's Mobile Share Value with a similar 1GB of data is $70 each month while a Verizon Share Everything customer with 1GB of data is paying $90 monthly.

source: Sprint

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