Sprint's SERO Premium plan goes live today - only good to existing SERO customers

Sprint's SERO Premium plan goes live today - only good to existing SERO customers
We'd imagine that there are still some current Sprint customer who are on the older SERO plan that resisted the temptation of upgrading to either a webOS or Android powered smartphone. Good news for them starting today because they can now fully take advantage of Sprint's new SERO Premium plan which entitles them to move into devices running those mobile platforms for a mere $10 increase from their existing plan.

Previously, SERO customers were limited to Sprint's lineup of feature phones and select smartphones which would work under the no longer offered referral plan. For $30 per month, SERO customers were treated with unlimited text, picture messaging, and data – plus 500 anytime minutes. However, the only smartphones they were able to use with the plan were mostly older Palm handsets running the Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Srint's SERO Premium plan is only being offered to existing SERO customers and would enable them to use an Android or webOS smartphone for an extra $10 per month. Essentially, they would be paying only $40 per month to use handsets like the Samsung Intercept or Palm Pre – while still retaining all of the features that come along with their plan. However, choosing any of the 4G enabled smartphones that they offer, they would only be paying $50 per month to use the HTC EVO 4G or Samsung Epic 4G.

Regardless, that $50 per month charge will look extremely impressive when you consider they get unlimited text, picture messaging, Sprint Navigator, and data with their usual 500 anytime minutes as well. And oh yeah, did we mention 4G connectivity as well? Definitely worth checking out if you still have the older SERO plan, plus it makes those prepaid offerings look insignificant.

source: Sprint

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