Sprint to expand development of M2M solutions for modern enterprises

Sprint to expand development of M2M solutions for modern enterprises
For many modern enterprises, efficient machine-to-machine communications are what make their every day business activities run seamlessly. Sprint, of course, is well aware of that fact as it has been developing and operating M2M solutions for its customers for over a decade. And since the demand for M2M communications is expected to grow significantly in the forthcoming years, the nation’s third largest carrier will be focusing on expanding its array of M2M solutions making it easier for companies to manage their business operations with the help of wireless connectivity.

Four high-growth segments in particular are what Sprint will be targeting with its machine-to-machine offerings from now on – Connected Transportation, Connected Meters, Sensors and Alarms, Connected Machines, Screens & Things, and Connected Personal Devices. With its solutions, the carrier will be aiming to not only be beneficial to its business customers, but also to promote environmental sustainability, safety on the road and in the workplace, more effective and less costly health care, increased security for communities and companies, and more efficient energy consumption.

For example, M2M communications can enable a doctor to monitor a patient’s health remotely and be notified should something go wrong, while businesses that rely heavily on transportation of goods can receive real time information about a vehicle’s current location, status and activity. Furthermore, M2M technology can be used by property owners for remote surveillance of areas through 3G-enabled cameras and by utility companies for collecting water usage or electricity consumption data remotely.

But these are just a few of the many possible applications machine-to-machine communications can be implemented in, and their list is only expected to grow over time. And while we are not sure what Sprint has in stock for the future, it is quite likely for its M2M solutions to bring benefits to both the business and the community.

source: Sprint

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