Sprint releases videos of EVO 4G in action

Sprint releases videos of EVO 4G in action
Sprint released a couple of videos that show the HTC EVO 4G at work. YouTube HQ is demonstrated and the quality of the picture is fantastic over the phone's 4.3 inch capacitive display. Another app that was displayed was Google Googles, which comes pre-loaded on the handset as part of Android 2.1. The visual search engine uses the EVO 4G's 8MP camera and scans an image to come back with search results. In the demonstration, Sprint's 4G network flexes its muscles a bit and you can see how quickly the information came back to the user. Speaking about speed, the carrier shows off web browsing on the phone, including the Pinch-To-Zoom function, and Flash support. The pages render exactly as they do on your desktop computer. Other featured apps include the Layar Augmented Reality browser. Take a look at the videos and we are sure that you will start to have those strange feelings that you had the first time you saw the iPhone or the HTC HD2 in action. Your mind will turn to mush and drool will come from the corner of your mouth. Every waking moment will be consumed with getting your own unit. Or maybe not. Either way, you have to admit that the EVO 4G is an amazing specimen.

HTC EVO 4G Specifications | Hands-on

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