Sprint introduces the "Magic Box" to improve the speed of subscribers' 4G LTE signals by up to 200%


Sprint said today that it is giving away to its subscribers who request one, a free "Magic Box." This is a small shoe-box sized device that will increase download and upload speeds by as much as 200% within a range of 30,000 square feet. The result? Your devices will end up with 5 bars indicating a strong connection. The Magic Box doesn't interfere with Wi-Fi and doesn't require that the carrier make a capital investment to bolster its signal strength.

The Magic Box will first be made available to Sprint customers in Denver, San Francisco, Indianapolis, New York, Chicago and Houston. Offering the box doesn't mean that Sprint is going to stop working on its network. The nation's fourth largest carrier plans on improving the speed and capacity of its pipeline by using 4-channel carrier aggregation. Think of this as a way to expand the size of an imaginary tube carrying cellular traffic. The wider the tube, the more room that the signal has to travel, allowing it to run faster. And 4 x 4 MIMO increases the number of direct lines carrying signals between the cell tower and your phone.  

Sprint isn't the only carrier that offers a signal booster. T-Mobile gives subscribers a Personal CellSpot, which magnifies its 4G LTE signal in areas where T-Mobile's network is weak. Verizon and AT&T use micro cells to help subscribers connect to their respective networks whenever they are in the outer ranges of the nearest cell tower.

If you're interested in the Magic Box, regardless if you're a Sprint customer or not, you can seek more information by clicking on the sourcelink.

source: Sprint via CNBC

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