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Sprint changing its tethering plans, no more 5GB plan for $29.99 a month

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Sprint changing its tethering plans, no more 5GB plan for $29.99 a month
Sprint is making some changes to its monthly tethering plans. The 5GB plan for $29.99 a month has been eliminated, although those currently using the plan are grandfathered until service is canceled. Sprint has two new choices for its customers, a 2GB plan for $19.99 per month and a 6GB deal for $49.99 each month. Both plans cover 3G/4G service. For those who sign up to receive them, Sprint will now send out notifications to its mobile hotspot customers when they reach 75%, 90% and 100% of their monthly on-network data limit. This will help customers do a better job of managing their mobile hotspot use.

When a customer receives a notice that he has used 100% of his monthly data allowance for tethering, the customer will have the choice of having the tethering service suspended until the next billing cycle starts, or pay the overage rates. Reminders will be sent out at 20% increments above the customer's monthly data limit. Overages are billed at 5 cents/MB for on-network data use or 25 cents/MB for off-network data use.

If you are a Sprint customer and are interested in receiving the Usage Notifications, click on the sourcelink.

source: Sprint via Phandroid

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