Sprint announces two new plans with unlimited talk, text and data for as low as $80 monthly

Sprint announces two new plans with unlimited talk, text and data for as low as $80 monthly
Battling with T-Mobile for customers who want unlimited data plans, Sprint on Thursday introduced The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee. This guarantees that customers on the Sprint network will be allowed to have a plan offering unlimited talk, text and data for the life of the current phone line, as long as that line remains on Sprint. The guarantee covers new and existing Sprint customers who sign up for Sprint’s new My Way plan or My All-in plan. Those two plans and the Unlimited Guarantee debut on Friday.

Both unlimited plans start as low as $80 a month. With the Unlimited, My Way plan the Sprint customer can mix smartphones and basic phones and choose the amount of data that the whole family will need for a month. This plan can accommodate as many as 10 lines on one account. As customers add more lines to the account, the less expensive these additional lines become. With this plan, lines 4 to 10 can get unlimited talk, text and data for just $50 a month. Compared to a comparable Verizon plan, which gives users just 2GB of data each month, the Sprint plan is $20 a month cheaper.

The Sprint customer selecting the Unlimited, My Way plan first selects the number of lines he needs. The next choice is the amount of data that the customer requires on each line. Unlimited data is $30 a month for a smartphone, or $20 a month for 1GB of  additional data. Those with a basic phone can get unlimited data for $10 per month. The My All-in plan also offers unlimited talk, text and data but includes 5GB of monthly data from a Sprint mobile hot spot for $110 a month.

Sprint now has 4G LTE coverage in 110 markets in the U.S. Some Sprint customers in markets like Washington D.C., New York and San Francisco are reporting seeing LTE speeds on their devices even though the service has not officially started in those locations. By the end of the year, Sprint expects its 4G signal to cover 200 million people.

As we already mentioned, the new plans start on Friday and save Verizon customers with a comparable plan as much as $240 a year. Those using a similar T-Mobile or AT&T plan can save $120 annually by switching to the new Sprint plans.

source: Sprint


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