Sprint Touch gets WinMo 6.1, too

Sprint Touch gets WinMo 6.1, too
Sprint's just churning out Windows Mobile 6.1 as fast as they can, it seems. Yesterday we saw a new Mogul ROM surface, and today, the Touch gets the same update. Users are reporting a quicker GPS fix and overall improved stability over previous custom ROMs. Since this is an official Sprint ROM, there is no need to unlock your device or worry about bricking it, but it also means it will only work on Sprint devices. Head over to XDA, download the .exe, connect your device and run it!

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source: XDA Developers



1. unregistered

Can i use this update for verisons xv6900 touch?

2. unregistered

the article is what, 100 words? is it really that hard to actually read it?

3. unregistered

Why would you want to update to this version anyways? As the article says it is for sprint devices only. This means that sprint did a pathetic attempt to get a nitch above verizon and alltel (recently purchased by Verizon) by saying, "Hey look what we just got! Don't leave our low quality network, horrible customer service, and bad business management and get something that is slightly upgraded than everyone else right now, but it will undoubtedly have massive problems and you will need 10 softwarerevisions before it actually starts working properly." Just wait like 3 months and Verizon will have tested the update enough to where it doesn't suck, then release it. Don't subcumb to sprint hype of; new things now, don't mind the fact it doesn't work. Just wait!

5. Anom unregistered

Low quallity network please rev A yes at this point best network on the market. So before you start battering get your facts straight. At this point customer care is not 100% but that is sprints focus for the remainder of 2008. So it will get better. Business management are you workin in the corporate office????

6. unregistered

for all of us that bought this phone when it came out, we all know they have been testing this for far too long now. so far has made my phone alot faster and awesome gps nav too. sounds like somebody has a crappy verizon phone and feels left out. and why does everyone make such a big deal about customer service, who wants to talk to customer service anyways, STOP BEING SOOOOO NEEDY, the phone companies are not your girl/boyfriend. end of rant

12. anonymous 2 unregistered

I guess you people dont understand how much better the rev a network is compared to any other carrier. Byy the way verizon customer service sucks just about as bad as sprints.

13. C-Chickie unregistered

As much as I perrsonally hate sprint/nextel/CRAP with a passion only a customer can have I do have to say its REV A is amazing!!

4. unregistered

what sprint is the best retard!

7. unregistered

I agree, Sprint is the best retard!

8. unregistered

do you really think that sprint's version and verizon's version of this phone are the same???? really? if so you might want to get on google for a bit. the reason why the update says it's for sprints version only is because the two phones ARE INDEED different. verizons version of this phone has many features locked and sprints version isn't. hell, im sure if you go to verizons updates each one of them will say for verizon only. and another thing, most users, like myself, that are with sprint have them for a reason. i've used them all in my area and sprint is by far the fastest data and the cheapest. the only reason ppl complain about sprint is their customer service .....FYI use their email support and you will be MUCH MUCH MUCH happier!

14. C-Chickie unregistered

YUP! Customer Service= crap Data: DIRT CHEAP

9. unregistered

how do i do it???

10. unregistered

Has anyone gotten the GPS icon to work after running the ROM update?

11. unregistered

Does this update erase everything on your phone???

15. unregistered


16. unregistered

I installed the update, but now i cant go onto the internet. I cant connect to the Sprint vision sevice. Help?

17. JB unregistered

Does anyone know how to roll back from 6.1 to whatever touch had originally?

18. blaze unregistered

where do i find update?????

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