Spotlight: Smart Unlock bypasses the Android lockscreen security when you're connected to trusted networks and devices

Developer: XDADownload: Android
Category: ToolsPrice: Free / Paid

Developed by two XDA Community members, Smart Unlock does something really small that you may greatly appreciate. Basically, when your smartphone or tablet is connected to a trusted Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device, it makes Android automatically bypass the lock screen security. It's logical - when you're safe at home, or in the car, you don't really have to get past swiping, patterns, pins, and all these precautions each time you reach for the screen! With Smart Unlock installed, and while in a trusted environment, pressing your device's power button takes you straight to the homescreen - no frills!

As the app is work in progress, the developers plan on adding BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support to deal with the rising tide of smartwatches and smartbands. NFC connectivity and a manual lock button are in the cards, too.

Unfortunately, Samsung device owners won't be able to enjoy the app just now, as security features implemented by the vendor make it impossible to work. The developers are contemplating a Samsung edition of the app to get past that. Also, Clean Master, AcDisplay, and Llama are apps that break Smart Unlock, so you'll have to deal with that as well.

Smart Unlock has a 7-day trial version in the Google Play store, and XDA forum members can sideload an unlimited .apk version that supports up to three trusted devices.



1. AlikMalix unregistered

"pressing your device's power button takes you straight to the homescreen - no frills!" Um.. yeah been doing that on iPhone 5s for about a year and a half... except a bit less "frills" with the same Home Button - you know, the one you reach for automatically....

2. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

Seeing as to how you either can't read, or just too stupid to grasp this, let me explain it to you. Outside: Normal lockscreen security (eg. Password, PIN) In area with trusted wifi (eg. Your home): No security, just straight to home screen.

3. AlikMalix unregistered

First, what is it with namecalling with you poeple? Second, I can read just fine... all I'm saying that with an iPhone you dont need THIS!!! Whether you're at home or out, "pressing device's home button takes you straight to the homescreen" regardless if it's pin/password protected... I like to point things like this out, because according to Apple Haters, Apple cannot do anything right where in this case (and many others) Android users require workarounds that on iDevices are already simple and miles ahead. On top of that, I can keep my "dumb" iPhone password protected even at home unlike this workaround leaving your Android phone unprotected from others at home... and once again, if you have a point, make it - name calling is childish...

4. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

Android requires workarounds? Last I checked, iDevices need workarounds just to set Chrome as their default browser, jailbreaks just to change an icon pack, glitches just to hide unwanted apps on the homescreen and many other minor which are already "simple and miles ahead" on Android. Not to mention, features which Android require apps to workaround, iOS doesn't even HAVE said workarounds. Do you have automation apps? Apps that let you lower the brightness of your screen below that of stock brightness? Proxy apps as simple as Orbot? SMH, Apple users thinking a simple fingerprint scanner can make up for the other tons of lacking functionality.

7. AlikMalix unregistered

Wow, we're still taking about changing fonts and icons here? are you guys in highschool? See, here's the thing, couldn't care less about brightness at which I cannot see the screen, why the hell would I need a proxy app? Defaults, really? you're acting like if I cant set a default browser equals I cannot use a certain browser... How about you set any permission on any app you install? how about you get rid of your camera app or browser all together? how about you ask GoogleNow or S-voice or whatever to find your kids? Automation apps? you mean like for Home automation or Car automation - been long in use - everything has been made for iPhone before it's made for Android. I've been using Hue from Philips and Nest way before Android was included. You have to root your phone to use a damn Greenify app that suspends your background apps just to keep the battery from dying overnight... iOS does that since day one... You guys keep chanting this UI tinkering deal inside the phone, to the phone, when iOS has been long doing things outside its devices. Who the hell cares what my icons look like - I'm running a business off my devices and enjoying the ecosystem for hobbies, movies, family entertainment. And with your first paragraph, you have proven that some would go the distance to jailbreak their iDevices to do the special things they need instead of using an Android device... But millions of people are not dorks, and do not have the obsession to tinker with fonts and antiviruse apps... or deal with background processing and bloatware.... or rooting and flashing just to get the latest update. Android is for you to feed your need to do whatever u do... the rest of the world has lives to lead and not spend it typing in pin codes or trace patterns 50 times a day...

9. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

I guess you missed my point...It's not a matter of whether you WANT to or NOT, it's a matter of whether you CAN'T or CAN, and at this moment you can't, so whether you want to or not is irrelevant... E.g Someone says he doesn't want to travel, but he's poor, so whether he wants to travel or not is irrelevant since he can't travel either way...

10. AlikMalix unregistered

And you dont get my point either... I'm not against Android or for Apple - I chose a divice that does things I need/want than a device that makes those things difficult. I wanted to change my font and icons, I'd get an android, right? but what if I wanted no bloat? or wanted to change all my permissions, or delete my icons without going thru settings? or use a voice assistant to change settings, or find my kids? what if I wanted Samsung to give me a real person so I can ask a question and show them on my phone? What if I didnt want to wait 2 years for instagram or Hyperlapse apps? What if I wanted my update TODAY since it's been out for half a year? what if I didnt want to gamble when I install BBM Messenger and there are 7 of them of which only 1 is real the rest are malware What if I didnt want to type in my pin/pattern 50 times a day but also have a phone with no bloatware? I can go on forever... I'd rather forgo the fonts and icons and enjoy the experience I had with iPhones since 2009... I tried Android, and I ended up loosing 20% of battery overnight because of background tasks that I didnt even initialize. What if I want to leave my phone at 2% unplugged overnight and still wake up to 2% in the morning without any tinkering or task closing or whatever you guys do... What if I wanted to be a customer and not the product... I prefer to pay for my phone and be mine, not have some carrier place some logo on it, and their apps, and block my Google Wallet, and tell me to go to a sales person when I have a question about my device...? comon dude.. you want me to trade all that for fonts and icons?

12. bendgate unregistered

I believe Greenify works without root since sometime ago. I don't know how much functionality works as I am always rooted. BTW why do you almost ALWAYS bring iOS on Android related articles?

13. AlikMalix unregistered

I just see android adding abilities and features that iOS had all the time, but I keep hearing that android can do anything iOS can - which from my experience when I tried S4 a year ago is so far from the truth. There are simply so many features and UI elements that make your experience so good on iOS - missing or cumbersome on android. Of course there are android alternatives that are better than iOS implementations - but everytime Apple adds something - oh and this had that for years, but everytime android adds something it was bound to happen with or without Apple, but we had that for years. Like this for example, may having to type on your unlocking code 50 times a day is one of the best thing u can have - andoid phones do not have that (or they do but Terrible compared to Touch ID). I tried Samsung fingerprint sensor it is not good, actually so uncomfortable that Samsung is once again implementing what Apple did with Touch ID onatead of swipe down. (Atrix was horrible - don't go there) So, Im really just tired of acting like a fanboy - but until the mentality that iOS and iDevices are useless or uncapable or less functional than android stop, I cannot stop but keep informing that android adds functionalities and enhasments that iOS had all the time just like Apple.

5. Mfa901

Posts: 291; Member since: Jul 14, 2012

why dont you download an mp3 file from on your ipong and play it directly...

8. AlikMalix unregistered

I'll tell you what I've done... I have put my entire library 20GB of music on my "iTunes Match" account: some stuff I ripped from my CD's, some mp3's I got from my friends, and some I bought from internet or w/e. I also have many songs that I bought on iTunes since iTunesRadio found music from my native country that I enjoyed when I was little even... All of this is residing on my Music Match account - they're all brought up to 256kbps (DRM free) regradless of original quality, fixed uncomplete or jittered tracks and now holding it on iCloud without affecting my cloud space. I can access that music from anywhere, and download it to any computer or device at any time... I can choose which songs I like to keep on my device (to allow offline listening) and I can also download these at home and keep them on my computer (the fixed versions)... I can make CD's with them or give them to my Android using friends... ANY QUESTIONS? EDIT: and there's no need to connect my phone to my computer with USB cables or anything for any of the above!!! Just incase you gonna say it: Yes I can use Google All Access the same way you do on Android... What now?

6. thecorrescode

Posts: 40; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

This feature is available by default to Android phones already.

11. Gothbeard

Posts: 54; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

Yes, Smart lock is a stock feature of Lollipop: Trusted devices/places/face. What's new?

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