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Spoiler alert: Got the hots for the Sony Honami? Have a look at this extensive UI showdown

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Spoiler alert: Got the hots for the Sony Honami? Have a look at this extensive UI showdown

'Meh' is the word on the mind of a select number of our readers for whom the launch of smartphones the like of the LG G2 or the Motorola Moto X has failed to tickle their particular fancy. Of course, upon seeing the actual real deal, this is probably less the case than previously, at least on the count of the LG G2.

Sony and its upcoming Honami smartphone is where it's at for those people, and we certainly get it. If we go on a limb and trust the rumors, the Sony Honami will, similarly, come with some bleeding edge internals, and to tell you the truth: the software is no laughing matter, either. How do we know? Well, some of you may remember that not too long ago, a system dump of the Sony Honami's software made it possible for a developer to port the ROM for the Sony Xperia Z. The more dedicated among you may have even given it a shot.

Even though the actual ROM thread over at XDA-Developers is mightily informative (you'll know what we mean if you have meddled with custom ROMs before), the video below helps us better visualize what is coming up with the Sony Honami. We have to say, we're kind of impressed with Sony's eloquent and rather minimalistic tweaking of the stock experience. At this point it's probably safe to say that some OEMs are starting to see the benefit of a more stock Android-like experience, and we consider this good news.

Without any further ado, check the video and source link below should you find your interest ignited.

source: XDA Developers

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