Split-screen multitasking comes to the Apple iPad in iOS 8?

Split-screen multitasking comes to the Apple iPad in iOS 8?
While a new jail break "tweak" called OS Experience is allowing Apple iPad users to enjoy split-screen multitasking, new speculation has Apple adding the feature to iOS 8. Currently, users of Apple's iOS flavored slate can only view one application at a time, using the entire real estate available on the screen. If the rumor pans out, those with an iPad will be able to divide the screen to use multiple applications at the same time.

This is not a new feature by any stretch of the imagination, as some Samsung tablets, and the Microsoft Surface already offer this type of multitasking. The fact that the iPad lacks multitasking, was highlighted by Microsoft in some of its television commercials that compared Apple's tablet to the Surface. If you're wondering how this split-screen multitaking might work, check out the concept video, which is part of the video slideshow below.

According to the rumor, the split-screen feature would be available on full-sized, 9.7 inch iPads, and would work only in landscape orientation. Other new features expected for iOS 8 include the Healthbook app, which would give you a place to store all of the medical information and readings obtained by an Apple iWatch or other iOS devices. Also a possibility on the next iOS build, is a public transit feature for Apple Maps. But don't get too excited. There is talk that these new capabilities for iOS might have to be scrubbed until iOS 8.1.

We expect to see iOS 8 introduced on June 2nd, when WWDC 2014 opens.

source: 9to5Mac via TechCrunch

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