Splay Launcher for Android focuses on simplicity, single-handed use

Else Launcher
If sense and simplicity are your cup of tea, especially when Android smartphones and applications are concerned, then this new Android launcher may be just right for you. Meet Splay – an Android UI replacement that stands out with its minimalist design and simplistic approach to user interaction. At the same time, it is optimized to be used with a single thumb, with buttons and other interface elements moved to the side of the device's screen.

Splay Launcher for Android comes courtesy of Else – a company that several years ago introduced a Linux-based phone of its own, the interface of which looked a lot like what you'll see in the screenshots below. The UI presents you with several menu levels: Phone, Diary, Media, and Apps, from which certain applications and functions, such as the dialer, email client, calendar, and the messaging app are accessible. But instead of tapping, the user is required to swipe their finger across the interface as each menu level unfolds. Then lifting the finger with a specific item highlighted will launch the respective application.

Overall, it's an interesting approach to a simpler Android user interface, so if you're eager to try something different, give Splay Launcher a try. It is available for free from the Google Play store.

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