Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note accessories hands-on

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note accessories hands-on
Even though US we’re slowly beginning to see the Samsung Galaxy S III’s rise to fame, we recently were acquainted with a plethora of useful accessories for the still relevant Samsung Galaxy Note. Primarily focusing on protecting and giving some sense of fashion to the larger than life handset, Spigen’s line of various accessories are sure to be noted thanks for their usefulness. However, it’s worth noting that this direct to customer accessory maker also caters to many other popular devices out there – like tablets, PCs, and cameras.

First up to plate is none other than the Spigen GLAS.t Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector, which sizes up at a mere 0.4mm thick – so it barely increases the handset’s thickness. Obviously, we like that the glass screen protector is easily applied, with minimal instances of any bubbles muddying its beautiful Super AMOLED display. In addition to its superior strength in being scratch resistant against most sharp objects, the screen protector also boasts an oleophobic coating to keep it sparkly clean as soon as we take it out of our pockets. At $39.99, it’s indeed a premium priced accessory, but the rewards are endless considering it’s probably the only one you’ll ever need for the smartphone.

No doubt, it’s a bummer having to lug around the massive Samsung Galaxy Note in your pockets, which doesn’t make it any easier when you’re also carrying around a wallet too. Well, Spigen comes to the rescue with its Valentius Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note. For starters, we like that there is a placeholder for the smartphone inside of it – so it stays firmly in place. Also, it packs quite a few slits that allow it to accept credit cards and wads of cash with ease. Overall, the wallet case has a premium feel with its choice of materials (there’s even a leather one). Even better, it eliminates the need to carry a separate wallet since this doubles as one. Throw it in our back pockets, and we’re barely noticing it. If you’re interested in this one, the Valentius Series Wallet Cases start at $44.99.

Finally, we take a look at two protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note – the Spigen Ultra Capsule and Ultra Thin cases. Both priced at $24.99, we’re thankful that Spigen is so kind to also throw in plastic screen protectors with the packaging – so you get the full protection. With the Ultra Capsule Case, it’s a smooth feel case that covers only the rear of the phone, with a speckled appearance that shines in the sunlight. Lastly, the Ultra Thin Case is similar to the Ultra Capsule, but the only difference is that it’s slightly thinner with a cleaner and glossier finish. Fortunately, they’re not slippery at all and they allow for proper grippage in the hand.

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