Speedtest data shows a rise in Sprint's LTE Plus download speeds over the last 7 months


The future appears to be looking brighter at Sprint. At the beginning of the month, the company reported its first quarterly profit in three years. And today, the nation's fourth largest carrier reported that its national average download speeds are on the rise. Data from the Ookla Speedtest app shows that over the last seven months, the download speeds for Sprint's LTE Plus service have risen 28%. During that same time period, T-Mobile's download speed is up 18% while AT&T and Verizon show declines of 7% and 8%, respectively.

Sprint customers increasing use of High Performance User Equipment (HPUE) enabled handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and the HTC U11 have helped increase download data speeds by as much as 30%. And the carrier will continue to enhance its network with the use of four-channel carrier aggregation, Massive MIMO, 256 QAM, and Gigabit Class LTE. These are all used to expand network capacity and make Sprint's 2.5GHz spectrum more efficient.

Sprint customers are also employing other tools such as the Sprint Magic Box. This is a handy unit that you plug-in to increase the strength of Sprint's LTE signal, On average, it also boosts upload and download speeds by 200%.

For those who haven't checked out Sprint lately, fearful of missing out on that important business call or word about an impending birth, you should know that Sprint isn't just sitting on its rear, awaiting a takeover bid from T-Mobile or Charter. They have been working on improving the network and making the entire Sprint experience more enjoyable for its customers. Looking at Sprint now, you can almost see T-Mobile circa 2012 as the latter began to use its strengths (especially in marketing) to become the innovative powerhouse that it is now. At that time, T-Mobile CEO John Legere started working out the customer-first pain points that needed to be addressed. 

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History doesn't repeat itself in exactly the same way, so we don't really expect Sprint to follow the magenta-brick road. But there is something positive bubbling up under the surface at Sprint, and if you are looking for a carrier, all we are saying is that you shouldn't automatically write them off like you might have a few years ago.

source: Sprint

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