Sony's underwater Aquatech store opens... door? Is far less impressive in reality


An underwater store to sell waterproof Sony devices? That's what we were told to expect from Sony at the end of this past October, and today, the so-called Sony Aquatech Store opened its... door? Anyway, if you came across the above render of what the store was marketed to be like, you might just find the real thing a bit of a letdown.

Quite frankly, we were imagining something a tad fancier – not a giant tub facing downwards with a few stickers and waterproof Xperia phones imprisoned within massive cubes that keep them dry. That's right – Sony phones may be IP-certified, but given enough time, water will enter the phones' encasing and drown it, so the company didn't have much choice. Still, we are not blind to the irony.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the answer is no – even if you live Dubai, where the store is located, you likely can't check it out in person, as visits are reserved for media people, VIPs, and contest winners. Worse yet, the store is scheduled to be opened for just three days. This means that unless you're reading this from your 200-foot mega yacht, the images and video clips below will be the closest you are getting to Sony's Aquatech Store.

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail

source: Toranji

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