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Sony rumored to be delivering Windows Phone handsets in July

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Sony rumored to be delivering Windows Phone handsets in July
According to Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile Europe, the manufacturer is talking to Microsoft about some unnamed project. This dovetails perfectly with speculation that Sony will be rolling out a pair of Windows Phone flavored handsets this coming July. Actually, Sony Ericsson and Microsoft did team up on older models, such as the original Sony Xperia X1. The device with the panel based interface, was powered by Windows Mobile Professional 6.1.

While Perron later backtracked a little from his comment, it doesn't matter. Other rumors have Sony starting a test run of several thousand Windows Phone handsets. It is expected that the Sony phones will be the first to roll off the assembly line with the new GDR updates being planned by Microsoft.

Besides producing devices with Windows Mobile, a few years ago, Sony Ericsson had manufactured a prototype of a phone that ran on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Codenamed "Julie," the model never did get offered to the public.

source: @tomwarren via WMPoweruser


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