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Sony eyes the iPhone in its latest ad campaign for their PSP gaming console

Sony eyes the iPhone in its latest ad campaign for their PSP gaming console
Not only does Apple have to watch out for the competition in the mobile market, they've been recently starting to see how their presence in the gaming world is not sitting still with some of the core figures in that industry. We've already seen how Nintendo calls the Cupertino based company as “the enemy of the future,” but now it looks like Sony is also setting their gaze upon them as well. For a period of time, Sony ruled the gaming world with an iron fist, but their PSP portable gaming console always seemed to come in second place behind Nintendo's offering. However, there is going to be a new ad campaign being thrown around by Sony where they take up their case against Apple – one specifically centers around a teen named Marcus who argues that Sony's PSP isn't getting enough attention. Additionally, another one features Sony exec Kevin Butler where he attempts to place some light on the PSP by saying how he's tired of people “ talking about those apps on the phone.” The reasoning behind the new push for the PSP is the fact that the company is attempting to jump start sales as they acknowledged during E3 that they didn't place much attention on it in recent months. What's truly interesting around all of this is how pricing continues to play a role in which platform will garner more users. Games for the PSP are generally priced around $40 which looks a bit more bloated when compared to the iPhone's inexpensive games. With high flying specs in tow with the upcoming iPhone 4, it would naturally challenge the PSP in the graphics department and could continue to take some market share.

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications

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