Sony announces the Core and SmartBand wearable gadgets

Sony announces the Core and SmartBand wearable gadgets
Staying true to its new style of announcing devices without providing almost any information about them, Sony has taken the stage at CES 2014 to unveil two new wearable computing products. The first one is the so-called Core. It's a tiny device that you can carry around with you - with its sole purpose being to record various types of information about your life. By syncing to a cool, new Android application called Lifelog, the Core can tell you the number of calories you've burned, the number of steps you've made, the number of minutes you've spent walking or running, as well as many other interesting bits of info.

The thing is that you'll be able to attach the Core to some other wearable devices, like Sony's SmartBand, for example, which will enable you to wear it right on your wrist. Sadly, Sony was extremely vague during its press-conference - the company didn't disclose any details as to how attaching the Core to the SmartBand is going to enhance the Core's functionality (besides being able to wear it on your wrist), or what other use cases it sees for its new wearable products, besides fitness tracking.

That said, Sony did promise that it's going to be very active in the wearable segment this year, so we should definitely be expecting more from the company in the following months!


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