Sony Xperia Z added to AOSP

Sony Xperia Z added to AOSP
Like it did with the Sony Xperia S, the Japanese OEM is adding the Sony Xperia Z to the Android Open Source Project. The goal is to allow developers to continue to contribute to the open source software. The Sony Xperia S had limitations with the hardware that forced Sony to move that project away from the main area of the AOSP and move it to Sony's GitHub. In addition to those who want to make a name for themselves with their contributions to Android, the project is also welcoming those who want to tinker with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro platform.

Just because Sony has added its flagship phone to the AOSP, it doesn't mean that your own personal water and dustproof Xperia Z can be turned into a stock Android, Google Nexus model. It takes a lot of shoe-horning by Sony engineers to make this work as it is. The microSD slot works, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, the notification lights and sensors. What does not run on the AOSP'd Sony Xperia Z is the camera and the modem as they use proprietary binaries that Sony does not want to release to the public. Other binaries from Sony's partners have been released but can't be part of the AOSP project because they don't use open source code. Sony is expected to replace some of these binaries with a source code the further down the road the project gets.

For now, contributions to the Sony Xperia Z will start out on Sony's own GitHub rather than the main AOSP main branch. To contribute to the cause, head over to the sourcelink and start leaving your mark on Android.

source: GitHub, SonyMobileDeveloper via TechCrunch

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